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             Kalinka                Entertainment 

          Creating, Exploring and Producing Music

Kalinka Tango, Kalinka Jazz, Kalinka Klezmer, Kalinka Gypsy....what do all these groups have in common, besides the first word?

By the way, Kalinka is a commonly used, playful version of a Russian word kalina - guelder rose. This plant and berry symbolizes youth, beauty and prosperity.

All of the above groups have one thing in common - incredible musicians who never grow tired of learning, creating and practicing new things.
Having international background, each member of the groups brings a whole  new world to the creative musical process. Kalinka musicians love merging different  styles of music together and combining  contemporary elements with traditional  ones.

Whether you are listening to an electric violinist or a jazz group,

klezmer or gypsy ensemble, you are here for a treat

to experience supreme presentation from Kalinka groups.

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