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Kalinka Gypsy music is associated with East European music. It is often played in coffeehouses, restaurants, at parties and sometimes on stages in European cities.

Kalinka Gypsy is a four piece band including a violinist and a vocalist.

An interesting fact: the instrument “gypsy violin” doesn’t exist! Our players have a special place in their heart for violins with a darker tone which helps provide a unique quality of sound.

The music played by Kalinka Gypsy is usually of

Hungarian, Romanian or Russian origin.

Kalinka Gypsy repertoire include Romanian Horas, Doinas and Sirbas,

Hungarian Czardas and Ballads, not limited to Russian tunes.

Russian melodies are characterized by songs

that easily can be remembered.

Well-known melodies, such as Black Eyes or Kalinka,

stem from the Russian repertoire.

Having Eastern European background, KG musicians transfer the well known authentic melodies to the hearts of the audiences combining them with their own musical experiments and improvisations.

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